Pre-order our completely new improved HD encode, made from the filmmakers own materials! Out on the 15th October

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If you fancy getting your hands on the extra-Shameless version of Cannibal Ferox, order direct from us to get the low numbered edition, with Shameless approved barf bag inside

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For more details on Dario Argento's masterpiece, you're cordially invited to visit our sister website:!!

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All the Colours of the Dark

The Giallo Dream-Team: Martino-Fenech!! We wanted to share with you because we are such fans of genre Maestro Sergio Martino.

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'CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST is an important and intelligent film whose reputation precedes it, Ruggero Deodato's film- presented here (Shameless release) in its redux form - still remains the nec plus ultra of grinding, flesh-chomping Italian nasties' TimeOut review

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Shameless WALL OF FAME

Discover Shameless Fans Galleries … send us your picture and we shall post it live for all to view!!

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The Washing Machine

The wait is nearly over… 25th of August here we come! With Bloody Pre-Wash, Deadly Spin and Special Sleaze Functions, dare to plumb-in the mortal vortex that is the Deodato-branded WASHING MACHINE!

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Deodato's Cinema of Death

Shameless proudly presents the 1st ever CINEMA-OF-DEATH anthology of Ruggero Deodato, "Mr Cannibal" himself.. The artwork of this limited numbered edition Boxset has been exclusively created for Shameless by top British film poster artist Graham Humphreys.

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Shameless Limited Numbered Edition comes with Collector's LENTICULAR and is released now uncut for the 1st time in UK!!!

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The 10th Victim

This truly seminal cult film is released for the 1st time in UK in a Collector's Numbered Dual Format Edition with Lenticular. Ursula Andress, voted the greatest Bond Girl ever, sports another iconic bikini, and this time it literally kills!

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Formula for a Murder

Watch Warbeck going berserk with this Shameless Numbered Collector’s Edition. Legendary cult-icon David Warbeck (THE BEYOND, LAST HUNTER) gives an explosive performance in this long-lost Giallo never released in UK now available with a collectable Shameless mac!

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The Nurse

Ursula Andress has been voted the top Bond girl of all time, making her mark on cinema in the famous Dr No scene with that bikini. Well, if you've ever wondered what she'd look like without the bikini, then reach for Shameless Screen Entertainment's release of The Nurse… with our Strip-o-Rama Action Sleeve!

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Viva comes with the Shameless Orgy-O-Rama action sleeve! ‘incredible, hotter than hell in June … needs to be seen by any self respecting trash movie enthusiast' Fangoria>

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