Manhattan Baby

Lucio Fulci
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From Lucio Fulci, the director of New York Ripper, comes his utterly bizarre descent into a surreal world of creepy kids, Egyptology, flesh tearing birds, walls that bleed, creepy tombs and much more!


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After American Egyptologist George (Chris Connelly) defiles an unexplored Egyptian pyramid tomb, his daughter Susie becomes possessed by Evil when a mysterious blind woman gives her an amulet.

Having returned to New York, Susie (a very young Brigitta Boccoli whose shapely beauty will later fill Playboy) gains supernatural access to magic portals which whisk her and those near her into space time continuum horror..

Rushed to hospital, the surgeon (Lucio Fulci) who X-rays Susie discovers the dark shape of a cobra mark in her chest! Those who try to help her die spectacular, shocking, weird deaths – including  having their eyes plucked out by demonic birds..

Fulci, Dardano Sacchetti and their shock-team have distilled all their proprietary weirdness in this, albeit less-commercial and less-known, outing which boasts stunningly-shot extraordinary horror scenes.

This highly atmospheric film dwells in a special twilight area, impossible to categorise, oft-revisited by Fulci fans after their taste for hyper gore has been sated. Stephen Thrower, author of the “Fulci bible”, Beyond Terror, calls MANHATTAN BABY a “Transcendental Nightmare”!  WAKE UP LITTLE SUSIE!




Distributor: Shameless Screen Entertainment
Certificate: 18
Release date: 28th January, 2008
VFD: 78936
Running time: 85 min 15 sec (longest ever)
Region: 0
Cat No: SHAM008
Barcode: 5060162230085
Director: Lucio Fulci
Stars: Christopher Connelly, Martha Taylor, Brigitta Boccoli, Giovanni Frezza

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