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The Washing Machine

The Washing Machine
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With his epoch-making CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST, director Ruggero Deodato single-handedly invented the found-footage film genre (later imitated by Blair Witch et al). With THE WASHING MACHINE, Deodato reboots the Giallo genre, stretching its boundaries into this extreme, surreal, erotic thriller. Originally called MORTAL VORTEX, this lost Giallo was unearthed via the intervention of the director himself, and is now revived in this Exclusive Shameless Edition.

By the time that police inspector Stacev arrives at the eerie Budapest flat of three beguiling sisters to investigate one of the girls' claim to have found a butchered body in their washing machine, the corpse has disappeared. Piqued as much by the potential foul play as by the mischievous sisters, our detective becomes entangled in their web of sexual obsession and deadly treachery: Each sister spinning a different versions of events - including warped stories of cannibalism (what else!) - whilst seducing the non-too-reluctant officer! Deodato cycles through truly inventive, stylish and very hot sex scenes... until an arresting climax! Will it all come out in the wash?
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