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“This is one my favourite films” said director Lucio Fulci - known as the Godfather of Gore for his films like Zombie Flesh Eaters... But CONTRABAND, his unique entry in the Polizieschi genre, is made all the more brutal by the lack of the surreal fantasy of his other works.

Fulci’s styled himself the “terrorist of genres”, and here he unflinchingly stages the vicious ultraviolence which permeates the Neapolitan underworld
(where not even GOMORRAH dared to tread..)

Hard-as-nail stalwart Fabio Testi (Revolver) stars as Luca, a cigarette smuggler who triggers an eye-poppingly ferocious mob war when his brother is shot and his wife kidnapped by a rival gang, headed by a totally depraved sadist played by Marcel Bozzufi (the French cop in FRENCH CONNECTION).

Fulci unleashes his trade-mark gut-splaterring, brain-exploding, flesh-frying scenes of unimaginable cruelty and depicts the carnage which will turn the otherwise post-card perfect bay of Naples red!

This definitive Shameless limited numbered edition is released now uncut for the 1st time ever - over 5 minutes longer - and, uniquely, features both its English and original Italian audio with English subtitles and collectable lenticular.
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