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Almost Human Blu-ray

Almost Human Blu-ray
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Please note that this title can only be pre-ordered for now. The official release date is the 24th April so we're ALMOST there! Maestro of mayhem Umberto Lenzi (CANNIBAL FEROX, OASIS OF FEAR) takes you on a tour of Italy’s mean streets in this hyper-violent, white-knuckle 1970s crime classic. For the first time ever on Blu-ray, Shameless proudly presents Almost Human...restored, uncut and unhinged! Tomas Milian stars as Giulio Sacchi, a sadistic petty crook who aspires to criminal greatness. With his gang of impressionable weirdos in tow, Sacchi kidnaps the pretty young daughter of a wealthy businessman but hardboiled cop Grandi (the one-and-only Henry Silva - ESCAPE FROM THE BRONX) is in hot pursuit. The dogged detective is all that stands between Sacchi’s gang and the ransom money, and he's the only hope their teenage hostage has got... Almost Human is a notoriously nasty crime thriller, a cult serving for cognoscenti, with a stand-out score from Ennio Morricone, presented for the first time ever in glorious HD and restored from original vault materials. If you like your cops proper badass, and your villains ever badder psychos, this is the one high-octane, edge-of-the-seat experience you cannot miss!

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