The Church aka La Chiesa

Michele Soavi
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Stunning visuals, creepy atmospheric horror and gasp-inducing shock! From director Michele Soavi (DELLAMORTE DELLAMORE, THE SECT) and writer Dario Argento, comes the first ever UK DVD release of this Italian horror classic.
After Teutonic Knights massacre a village of ‘witches’ in medieval times, the sinister religious order builds a gothic Church on the site of the atrocity. Hundreds of years later, the church’s librarian (Tomas Arana) accidentally unleashes whatever darkness was laid in the church’s ground that terrible day. At the mercy of the waking demons and satanic spirits, the churchgoers who’ve been trapped inside by the building’s ancient mechanisms soon succumb to the evil in an orgy of diabolic-lust and merciless slaughter. With a brooding score from genre cohorts Keith Emerson and Goblin, Soavi ramps the dread up to 666 before building to a blood-curdling finale!
Shameless is honoured to present its Yell’o® release of the 1st ever 2K HD restored and longest ever version, made from crypt materials and now entirely faithful to Soavi’s original vision.  How long has it been since your last confession?… Never repent! Just be suave!



Distributor: Shameless Screen Entertainment
Certificate: 18
Release date: 31 October 2016
VFD: VFE12807
Running time: 101 min 56 secs
Region: 2
Cat No: SHAM047
Barcode: 5060162232034
Extras: Cathedral of Fear, interview with Michele Soavi
Director: Michele Soavi
Stars: Hugh Quarshie, Tomas Arana, Feodor Chaliapin Jr., Barbara Cupisti

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