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Umberto Lenzi
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A decade on from starting the cannibal genre, director Umberto Lenzi has the final word, pushing the vomit envelope beyond the sick with his utterly nasty, nihilistic apotheosis that is CANNIBAL FEROX. So unredeemable that its own makers denounced it as barbaric..!

An academic, Gloria (Lorraine De Selle), journeys to the Amazon jungle where things go awry when her party encounters sadistic druggy villain Mike (Giovanni Lombardo Radice aka John Morghen), as the travellers venture further into the heart of darkness, they soon discover what it means to be the hunted prey.

CANNIBAL FEROX aka ‘Make Them Die Slowly, topped the official Video Nasty list for its raw graphic scenes of torture, mutilations, murder and cannibalism. This new 2K restoration additionally features new grading which revives, for the 1st time, the original edgy look of the 16mm film stock it was shot on – finally presenting the film as it was first created by director Umberto Lenzi, on location in the Amazonian green inferno.

Includes BARF – approved vomit bag inside!



Distributor: Shameless Screen Entertainment Certificate: 18 Release date: 30th July, 2018 VFD: Running time: 93 mins Region: REGION B / 2 Cat No: SHAM211 Barcode: 5060162232119 Director: Umberto Lenzi Stars: Lorraine De Selle, Giovanni Lombardo Radice aka John Morghen Extras: BARF Approved Vomit Bag inside, Last ever Interview with Director Umberto Lenzi, New, really outspoken interview by Giovanni Lombardo Radice, video piece comparison of before and after 2K Restoration, Exclusive Photos for Director Lenzi’s own archives

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