About Us

“Shameless Screen Entertainment is a highly visible, pulp-inspired, in-your-face exploitation brand of discovery offering up carefully picked vile, evil, gore-soaked, demented, disturbing, deranged, naked flesh-filled, flesh-ripping, depraved, tormenting movies that will delight horror and exploitation fans.  Working from a growing vault of films, Shameless – which releases mostly region free –  will from time to time  also offer films never before available on video”.

Behind the banter of our sales pitch, under the hood, there is serious intent though!  The Shameless team is determined not only  to source the best possible materials for the films it publishes, but also the closest possible version to the Director’s original – and / or the Director’s preferred – vision of his film. This is paramount and our overriding mission statement. Shameless wants fun but only with quality: we may be tongue-in-cheek about ourselves but we take our customers very seriously because like them, we love and care about films.

Shameless unashamedly uses the colour yellow in homage to the original Italian “Giallo” (which means yellow) pulp-fiction book covers .. but also because we wanted to stand out on store shelves (!)  Shameless aims to pay tribute to 80’s VHS artworks whilst also updating them to modern perceptions. It designed its very own – unique & very collectible –  “Yell-O-Ray” blu-ray cases manufactured with the Shameless logo stamped in silver where the BD logo is usually placed…
Shameless releases feature reversible sleeve in order to also showcase the beautiful original artworks, usually with the film’s original title. Whilst Shameless does not purport to be the “inventor” of the reversible sleeve, we’ve certainly noticed it has since ben adopted by others …! 😉
Shameless pays very special attention to the design of its box sets, usually commissioning exclusive artwork from some of Britain’s greatest talents. We designed a series of VHS homage box-sets with a humorous slant complete with “iconic” rental stores stickers … ours is a shameless intention to give our packaging a “wow” effect!

When we decide to release a film, we get behind it fully.